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Chipotle Barbacoa Krydd 60gr

595 kr.

  • 1.68g net carbs per serving

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We’ve put together a delicious blend of spices to enhance your meals with more flavour and a wow factor! Our Skinny Spices are available in 16 different flavours and can be used alongside; meat, fish, vegetables, chips and much more.

Innihald: Salt, Paprika, Chilli, Black Pepper, Garlic,
Nutmeg, Oregano, Onion, Marjoram, Turmeric,
Flavourings (Marjoram and Oregano Extracts).

Please note; the glass jar is for illustrative purposes. The products may arrive in a Jar or Foil Pouch.

Key talking points:
– Natural Ingredients
– Enhance the flavour of your meal
– Vegan
– 0 Teaspoons of added sugars
– Naturally Free from added sugars
– Made in UK

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