Ketone Test Strips – 100 Ketóstrimlar

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Ketone Test strips – Segja þér ef þú ert í Ketósis

Know when you’re in ketosis by testing your urine for ketones. Measure your level of ketosis in seconds. These lab-grade keto test strips provide fast, reliable testing for followers of a ketogenic diet. Much cheaper than blood or breath testing.

When you’re in ketosis, your body converts fats into ketones for fuel instead of burning carbs. The amount of ketones secreted in urine is a reliable test of blood ketone levels. Test to see what items may move you out of ketosis.

How Do Keto Strips Work? They measure the ketone acetoacetate in your urine, which is excreted if it is unused by the body.

How Many Strips Come In A Package? 100 strips per bottle.

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