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Protein Spread Crunchy with Crunchy bits

1.295 kr. 795 kr.

  • 4g net carbs
  • 21% prótein

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Protein Enriched Crunchy Hazelnut Spread (ath inniheldur maltitol)
– with as much as 21% protein!

This protein chocolate spread without added sugar and palm oil is suitable for baking, on the pancakes or as a spread on our bread.

Low Carb® Protein Spread Crunchy has a fantastically luxurious chocolate taste and is made from the best ingredients and hand-picked hazelnuts. The small pieces of crunch make the taste experience even better.

Our Low Carb® Spreads are now available in three different variants: Belgian Hazelnut Spread, Protein Spread Crunchy and White Chocolate Strawberry

Low carbohydrate content – 4%
No added sugar
High protein 21%
Free from palm oil

Vegetable fats (rapeseed, shea, coconut oil), sweetener (maltitol), whey protein concentrate 26%, hazelnuts 15%, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma. May contain traces of other nuts.

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